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Peoria, AZ Carpet Cleaning Service

Picture of our carpet cleaning truck in peoria.We have always been an eco-friendly "green" carpet cleaning company and our Peoria, AZ carpet cleaners understand that your time is valuable and that many residents of Peoria, AZ are two income families with children in school which makes scheduling time for a cleaning a problem. Our carpet cleaners use state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment to minimize the amount of time it takes to clean your carpet, tile, and upholstery. Also with our Peoria carpet cleaning service, your carpets will usually dry in half the time, typically in four hours, without any unwanted residue from harsh cleaners because of the powerful vacuum suction of our Vortex 7000 cleaning machine. Our powerful equipment simply removes virtually all of the hot water applied in the rinse and extraction steps of the cleaning process. Read more about how we professionally clean your carpets.

The health and safety of your family and pets is our priority!

Picture of kids on clean carpet.We do not use dangerous or non eco-friendly carpet cleaners! This ensures that you are protecting your family, pets, and the environment. It is a fact that we are spending more time indoors and the indoor air quality of our homes can and does contribute to our health. We believe in using organic "green" products and, only where necessary and with your permission, use natural enzymes and spotting agents in order to contribute to a healthier home environment. Homes with pets that are chemical-sensitive such as dogs, cats, and tropical birds also benefit immensely from cleaning processes that are safe and environmentally friendly. As Peoria, Arizona's finest carpet cleaning company we would like the opportunity to show you what we can do to help improve your home environment. Our Peoria carpet cleaners use "green" cleaners that are biodegradable, eco-friendly, organic, natural cleaning solutions. We thoroughly clean the carpet fibers so your kids and pets can roll around on it without any fear of an irritating chemical exposure. We are Cleaner, Healthier, and Better!

Carpet Odor and Carpet Stain Removal

Water Claw - Pet Odor TreatmentDo you have pet odor, pet stains, or carpet stains from toddler accidents? Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment has a very high success rate for removing carpet odors, carpet stains, and can get your carpets clean and fresh again. Low end carpet cleaning companies do not have enough suction which leaves the carpet too wet. This causes the pet stain to wick back up to the surface from the carpet padding. The temperature of the steam used for the hot water extraction is also important. If the there is not enough heat the cleaning agents will not properly activate. Our success rate for removing carpet stains and carpet odors is about 80-90%. However; the success depends largely on how long the stain has been in the fiber. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to textiles as well as create an unhealthy indoor living environment if not removed promptly. If left for months, depending on the fiber type, it could permanently change the dye structure of the fabric and cause the fiber to deteriorate.